Sunday, March 31, 2013

When I have a porch...

This chair asked to come home with me a couple of months ago. 

The stain on it had become so dark it was almost black and the finish was crackly like alligator skin.
It had paint spatter on it and some obvious repairs. - like a metal bar screwed all the way across the front.
But its a very cool old school recliner. 

There's a metal rod that you can adjust to recline the chair.

I was going to paint it white to match the rocker that I like to sit in...

but it's for Mike to sit in on our porch so I refinished it instead.

I wanted to keep some of the original patina. 
Stripping and sanding it down to new would be like disregarding it's whole storey. 

This chair has earned every dent and chip. 

It's still an old chair and I love it. 
Glad I didn't paint it.

I still have to find the right cushion. 
When the porch is finished, I'll be ready! 

p.s. you can see some green in our very grey lawn - come on spring, you can do it!

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  1. Karen, your chair turned out just beautiful. Great Job~!
    Hopefully, soon the grass will be green as the irish hills ;-)

  2. Wow! I love the chair (and your story).

  3. Your chair has "great bones" and looks great. My husband would love a chair like that to fall asleep in.

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