Monday, January 28, 2013

Downton Love

I may be the last person to discover this PBS series, but better late than never.
I'm hooked on Downton Abbey.
I've watched all three seasons since December. 
And I'm going to watch them again :-) while I wait for season four to air.  

If you don't know, it's about the Crawley's and their staff who all live at the house called 
Downton Abbey.

Mary is one of my favourite upstairs characters. She values tradition ( even if it means that she can expect to be asked to marry whichever man is seated next to her at dinner ) but she is a strong and independent woman too.

Shirley McLean has a role as Lady Crawley's American mother. She's too funny at dinner! 

And then there's the downstairs folks and all their intrigue and shenanigans.

I love Mrs Patmore. And Daisy. 
And the ever practical and straightforward Mr. Carson . He's tough but he has a soft spot. 

Mrs. Hughs knows about it :-) 
I want to work for Mrs. Hughs.

I took this quiz to see what job I'm suited for. I qualify to be cousin Isobel Crawley. 
( Click on the highlighted word quiz above to take it too ) 

I want to be Granny.  She says things like "Vulgarity is no substitute for good humour" and "Marriage is a long business" and "I'm a woman Mary. I can be as contrary a I choose"

Are you a fan? Who would you be? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Potlake House Upate

We have some siding! 
Just a little more to do on the peaks. The section under the row of windows on the right will be stone. 
The stone will wrap around the side and across the front. 
( this view is the back )

 This is the front.
Siding will go across the top section; stone on the bottom. There will be a set of french doors there in the middle.

I'm so eager to be living here, and it's tough to be patient when it's taking so long and everybody that I know is pretty much just as eager and happy to say so too, but I'm staying positive as well as I can.
  There's nothing so tiring as waiting for something to happen. 
 I've never been good at being "in between". 
The whole year that I was five, I was waiting to be six. Christopher Robin was six, after all. I missed out on five because I was sure that six was what it was all about. 
So I'm wondering if this time that it's taking is an opportunity. Maybe I'm missing out on now by just waiting for it to happen - for the house to be finished. 
I do believe that we all are where we should be at any given time... that to everything there is a season... that everything happens for a reason - it's just that its easy to doubt all that when things aren't going according to MY plan. 
Somebody told me once that the universe will keep giving you opportunity until you've learned the lesson. Gasp! I'm worried that I'll never learn this lesson and I'll forever be stuck here in the "in between" waiting for something to happen. 

Tonight I'll be dreaming of the new garden. Can't wait to get in the dirt! 
hugs, K

Sunday, January 13, 2013


The Holidays are over and all the kids have gone home. It's quiet now. 
I've scrubbed the house clean, emptied my closet and dresser, purged and organized.  It happens to me every January. Some people make resolutions, try to get healthy, reflect on the past year. Me - I clean up and get organized with a vengeance.  After weeks ( months, maybe ) of build up -  shopping, baking, decorating, going to parties and entertaining at home; after all the expectation of having the kids home again and all together, having the kids home and in and out at all hours, I'm so intoxicated by anticipation and excitement that by New Years Eve I'm near ready to burst. I'm scrambled. It's true - there's nothing else to do but enjoy all the fabulous mayhem because I know I'll miss this when it's over,  but I have used up all my patience not worrying about the mess so by New Years Day I just HAVE to clean up.  
It's also a nice distraction from all the quiet :-) 
 So today I baked.

Sweetly spiced scones with cinnamon and cardamom from this recipe.  I left out the blueberry jam and the drizzle but they would be delicious with both.  
When we were in England, scones were served with clotted cream. Sounds questionable ( clotted ???) - but it really was a treat.  

And then I found this recipe for Oatmeal Muffins. I added one chopped apple. 

Best Apple Oat Muffins ever. 
You should try them.

Have a great week!