Monday, January 28, 2013

Downton Love

I may be the last person to discover this PBS series, but better late than never.
I'm hooked on Downton Abbey.
I've watched all three seasons since December. 
And I'm going to watch them again :-) while I wait for season four to air.  

If you don't know, it's about the Crawley's and their staff who all live at the house called 
Downton Abbey.

Mary is one of my favourite upstairs characters. She values tradition ( even if it means that she can expect to be asked to marry whichever man is seated next to her at dinner ) but she is a strong and independent woman too.

Shirley McLean has a role as Lady Crawley's American mother. She's too funny at dinner! 

And then there's the downstairs folks and all their intrigue and shenanigans.

I love Mrs Patmore. And Daisy. 
And the ever practical and straightforward Mr. Carson . He's tough but he has a soft spot. 

Mrs. Hughs knows about it :-) 
I want to work for Mrs. Hughs.

I took this quiz to see what job I'm suited for. I qualify to be cousin Isobel Crawley. 
( Click on the highlighted word quiz above to take it too ) 

I want to be Granny.  She says things like "Vulgarity is no substitute for good humour" and "Marriage is a long business" and "I'm a woman Mary. I can be as contrary a I choose"

Are you a fan? Who would you be? 


  1. We don't own a television so I never watched Downton Abbey, but I just watched season 1 on netflix. I am totally hooked and working on season 2 now. I like Sibyl and of course the dowager.

  2. Oh my gosh. I'm so hooked too. I look forward to the Sunday evening airing a bit more than might be healthy! I saw a Downton Abbey book at the bookstore the other day that was beautiful. I might have to put that on my wishlist.

  3. Once more my post didn't post! There are mysteries to technology I'll likely never understand. Last night I watched a show from the first series on Vision tv -- the one where the conniving pair attempt to frame Mr. Crawley's valet. Not nice! Mary, of course, is a bit of a b---- in this series -- but I like her spunk -- and her sister is nasty!