Monday, January 21, 2013

A Potlake House Upate

We have some siding! 
Just a little more to do on the peaks. The section under the row of windows on the right will be stone. 
The stone will wrap around the side and across the front. 
( this view is the back )

 This is the front.
Siding will go across the top section; stone on the bottom. There will be a set of french doors there in the middle.

I'm so eager to be living here, and it's tough to be patient when it's taking so long and everybody that I know is pretty much just as eager and happy to say so too, but I'm staying positive as well as I can.
  There's nothing so tiring as waiting for something to happen. 
 I've never been good at being "in between". 
The whole year that I was five, I was waiting to be six. Christopher Robin was six, after all. I missed out on five because I was sure that six was what it was all about. 
So I'm wondering if this time that it's taking is an opportunity. Maybe I'm missing out on now by just waiting for it to happen - for the house to be finished. 
I do believe that we all are where we should be at any given time... that to everything there is a season... that everything happens for a reason - it's just that its easy to doubt all that when things aren't going according to MY plan. 
Somebody told me once that the universe will keep giving you opportunity until you've learned the lesson. Gasp! I'm worried that I'll never learn this lesson and I'll forever be stuck here in the "in between" waiting for something to happen. 

Tonight I'll be dreaming of the new garden. Can't wait to get in the dirt! 
hugs, K


  1. Oh, yes, the dreaded world of "in between"! You write in the immediate and real; love it. Love the progress on the house and can hardly wait to see it. In the meantime, hang in and dream garden dreams (like the rest of us in these frigid January days).

  2. Hi Karen love your blog... house is inviting can't wait to have a tour

  3. Oh I love how your house is looking now nd I hope soon, you will be burrowing in your garden and decorating your nest! :) Lovely post!


  4. Oh how exciting! Can't wait to see it when it's done. I know it's hard to wait ... I have the same problem. :)