Saturday, July 21, 2012

What's Going on at the Potlake House?

After a month long break inside the house, we are back in motion!
It might not look like much - but it makes me very happy to see even a bit of progress. 
Would you like a tour?
Lets get started! 

This is a view of the kitchen from the dining room... see the ceiling has been removed to the roof? 
We are going to leave it open like that. It feels so much larger.
The stud wall on the right will come out and what used to be the washroom will become part of the kitchen too.

This is the dining room from the kitchen. That window will be moved to the opposite wall in the kitchen and a french door will go there in stead.

This is part of the addition - our bedroom! The french door has been installed. They will lead to a gorgeous ( in my imagination ) porch.

This is the spare (aka Adam's ) room - windows installed.

This is the new bathroom - used to be the master bedroom. The shower has been framed in.
You can see the drying off space.

Another view of the framed in shower.
( no - we aren't keeping the ceiling fan )

This is the front room, where the front door used to be. It's just of the dining room. What used to be the front door has been closed in and the small window has been replaced with a larger window that we salvaged from the living room.
This room will be a home office and sewing room for me! 

We are working hard to get Mike healthy and stay motivated and positive.
Even baby steps will get you somewhere, right?

Hope you're staying cool! 
<3 Karen 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fooling with Photoshop

Its been too hot here to do anything.  Too hot to even think about doing anything.  So instead of cutting grass, gardening or cooking, I've been fooling around with Photoshop.  I took a pic of a pansy on white paper and then added a layer to create a background.

Then I took the same photo, made it black and white, added back some colour then added 2 layers.  I like the antique, kinda shabby look.
I wouldn't have stopped here - except that this took all morning. Yes. All. Morning.  Two pictures. 
But I'm not giving up.

I'm going to keep at it - I'd like to figure out how to add text. 
I wish I had all day... every day...  

how have you been staying cool ? 
<3 Karen