Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rock on!

Construction at the Potlake house is coming along.  Drywall is complete and it's all primed and painted.
We're waiting for the bead board ceiling to go in, then floors, then trim and the kitchen.
The yard will be cleaned up this week - there are several piles of dirt  rocks from when the basement and foundation were dug. 

So many rocks it makes me laugh out loud.

I like rocks.  A lot.
( hmmm, I wonder what Freud would say... )

I've picked  ( well, hoarded really ) as many as I can. They're stacked up around avery tree...
Tonnes of them. For REAL. And I've carried every one!
And I'll carry them all again to the perfect spot in the garden.

I've been dreaming with the help of Pinterest.

I can barely wait to start building flower beds.

I'll use rocks...

and rocks...

and rocks! 

Do you have big (or heavy ) garden plans? 

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  1. I'm sure you're getting more and more excited about your house. And those rocks are fabulous!! I love rock gardens. I could use some of those in my gardens.
    Mary Alice

  2. Karen, I love that you love rocks! Now I'm looking forward to the garden!