Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sweet Surprises

You never know what you might find when you least expect it.

We were rushing about running errands trying to make the most use of a cherished Saturday when low and behold...

a new antique store has opened.

I found an ironstone serving dish,

a beautiful deep platter that will be perfect for serving pasta,

and a beautiful white eyelet lace coverlet.

Unexpected and lucky finds.
All for $18. 


have a good week, K


  1. Great price! I've slowly been adding ironstone pieces to my collection. I find quite a few on Etsy and Ebay ... I just don't like to pay for shipping but sometimes the price makes it worth it.

  2. ironstone is just the best isnt it? I absolutely love yours!!! and I love the photos you showed us! :)


  3. Karen ~ your treasures are absolutely fantastic. I love the iron stone and the coverlet ;-)

  4. How wonderful. Love the white-on-white and the three green pears! Lucky you.

  5. Great finds and that lacework is amazing!