Monday, February 11, 2013

My Treasures

For the most part everything I've ever collected is all packed up and fills this 3 car garage and the chicken coop turned shed ( one day it will be a little guest room ).
You can see the elliptical right there in the front. I brought it in to town to our temporary home when the weather got too cold to run outside in the fall. 
It sat in the living room until 2 weeks ago when I started using it again.

I've managed to collect a fair bit more in the near year that we've been in our temporary home.
I can hardly wait.

Just think how much fun it will be to unpack those 17 boxes of china :-) 
I really can't remember what I had that takes up so much space. 

I imagine it'll be like christmas. Or a reunion. 
We should have insulation by the end of this week - I'm beyond anxious.

Random thought - I ate my first fresh fig last fall - Wow.
  Don't you love figs? 
I cut them in quarters, wrapped them in prosciutto and drizzled them with a little honey. 

:-) Karen 

1 comment:

  1. Oh Karen, I know you are anxious and it will come. Can I help you unpack. it will be such fun~
    Figs? Who knew. When are we coming over to test some


    me xo