Sunday, November 4, 2012

Potlake Update

Progress on the house has been slow most of the summer, but October brought cooler temperatures and lots of activity. We discovered that there wasn't much ( well, none really ) of a foundation under the east side of the house so had to  deal with that. 
It  seems that the path of progress is one step back then two steps forward. 
We are on a roller coaster - discouraged, then hopeful; impatient, then filled with anticipation.
We are trying not to stress about how long this is taking, focusing on what we have control over,  letting go of things we cannot change, and working at choosing our battles.
It's been a real test. 

I'll show you what's happening right now...  
This is the back of the house... all the windows are in and exterior insulation is up.
The rock pile in the foreground is a whole other storey - stay tuned. 

This is a view of the kitchen. The bathroom has been moved and the patio door is where the window used to be. The small over-the-sink window has been replaced with a larger one, which came from directly across on the opposite wall.  A french door will go in that spot. 
You can see the ceiling a bit too.  

We are adding a small front porch. 

This is a straight on front view of the front porch. The french doors will go in once the exterior construction is finished. 

This week we hope to have the roof finished and the siding on... 
Keep your fingers crossed! 

hugs, Karen


  1. Karen ~ you and Mike have been so patient and have endured so much. I hope with all my heart that this house will be finished and you can move in and decorate ~!

  2. I'm sure it's exciting to see your home moving along and making progress. Thanks for stopping by. I'm happy to be a new follower.
    Mary Alice