Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello February

It snowed again! It's so pretty and white and clean in the back yard.

It's the perfect kind of day to snuggle up indoors.
A great excuse to get cracking on that year supply of vanilla...

My skin has been dry and flaky from too much sun last week combinded with months of dry indoor heat.
I made up a brown sugar and vanilla body scrub and gave myself a little spa treatment in the shower.
Much better now!

With just a few pantry items, you can do it too.
I just mixed together 1/2 cup of brown sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla. a tablespoon of glycerin and about 1/4 cup of light cooking oil. It smells yummy :-)
Just hop in the shower, scrub up and rinse off. It'll leave you a bit oily feeling at first but once towelled off, you be soft and smooth.
I think an olive oil and lavender scrub before bed would be super relaxing.
Do you have a favorite at home spa treatment?


  1. Sounds wonderful Karen. I do have a favourite spa treatment. Lavender epsom salts and Lavender scrub ~ makes you feel super soft and super sleepy. ;-)

  2. Oh the lavender and olive oil sounds great!!