Sunday, February 20, 2011


I find myself fllled with nostalgia,  longing for a simpler time. I'm a crazy romantic and so I've designated myself to be the keeper of a Mothers Love.
I have a small collection of vintage baby clothes. They're very special to me even though I don't know who they belonged to or who made them. I imagine a young mother sitting up evenings, hand stiching. Creating little works of art from modest means.
This is a beautiful example. It's white cotton broadcloth with a little lace around the neck and sleeve edges and down the front placket.

Isn't this lace beautiful. And look at the buttons. They shine a gorgeous rosy pink.

This gown is a little more delicate. It's cotton batiste - very fine and sheer.

This is the hem...

...this is the yoke.

This is a little white batiste dress.

The hem...

...and the yoke

The next are probably circa 1930 or 1940. I love that it's pink, of course, but also the dotted swiss collar and sleeve trim is so pretty. And lots of pin tucks. Even in the back.

Quality was important, even in a little diaper shirt. You can't really see it in these pics but the edges are all hemmed in a scalloped shell pattern. And it's embroidered too.

Boy's clothes aren't as easy to find. I love this!

The value of these things lies not in the value of the materials it took to make them, but in the love and time it took to transform those materials into little works of art.

Why do you collect the things you do?



  1. Those are wonderful treasures you have!!
    Love all the delicate work and the sweet lace,.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Suzann ~xoxox~

  2. Oh I love baby vintage clothing!
    Melissa from Pink Satin Sashes has a beautiful collection of baby clothes as well! She just did
    a post on old baby prams. She has one as well.
    Pretty photos!

  3. Very lovely. so delicate emb and such a nice treasure
    Hope you would like to spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed

  4. Karen ~ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vintage baby clothes, especially ones with the lace and trims. We're going to have to keep an eye out for you once the yard sales start up ~ who hoo yard saling