Saturday, December 22, 2012

let it snow!

What a sweet surprise yesterday to look out and see snow falling. I don't imagine it will still be here on Christmas morning but there's nothing like the first real snowfall to put me in a happy mood. 
 I love how a blanket of snow makes the fields, the yards, and the shoulders of the road all clean. Like fresh sheets on the bed.  I love the sound of snow falling; how it muffles all the dirty sounds of the day to day busy-ness and transforms it to a distant hum. Snow falling softly, floating down like a heavy sigh from above, reseting my balance and the world outsides'.  
I feel warm, and cozy, and content, and blanketed - inside and out.

Hope you are all having a relaxed weekend before Christmas! 

hugs, Karen <3 p="p">


  1. Love the thistle topped with snow and your enthusiasm! Great post.

  2. Love the pictures Karen ~ beautiful. Yes, it snowed.....Hopefully, it will stay for Christmas. If I had my way boxing day would be 70 degrees F. ;-)