Monday, December 3, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life

Today I was reminded of how I am blessed. 
While we decorated the tree we watched this movie. It"s one of my all time favourites. And Mike's too.

Chilly, rainy days, like today, are precious. Conversations with Mom. Spending the afternoon cuddled up next to Mike under a home made quilt, watching an old black and white movie for the hundredth time.  A hot cup of peppermint tea with honey and a candle burning.  A homely little, make-do tree.  Kids home for dinner. 

These Santas were on the tree in Mike's childhood home. 

The true value in these old ornaments is the connection they have to Mike's Mom, who passed away years ago, and his story book childhood, that made him the man that I adore today.

"Only the heart knows what is precious" 
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Have you seen "It's a wonderful Life"?
What's your favourite Christmas movie? 

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  1. That's a nice quote... I dont really have a favorite Christmas movie..HOW SAD IS THAT???? I've never seen this one, I'll give it a try. your ornaments are lovely.
    Much Love Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

  2. Karen ~ I LOVE it's a wondeful life. "Every time a bell rings an angel get's her wings"
    Love it. Love the precious ornies too ;-)

  3. Oh Karen...the memories! Love your way with words. Love the way you listen to the heart. Love you. Mom

  4. Oh how adorable! I am loving sweet memories right now. :)