Sunday, June 17, 2012


Progress, however slow it seems, is much appreciated! Since I've last posted, we have a first floor addition. 
This will be two bedrooms. We're looking at the south side of the house, which looks out over the back yard.

 Shortly after that, the roof trusses are placed and the porch takes shape.
The big hole in the wall will be french doors onto the porch from our bedroom! 

We had three v.e.r.y. large trees taken down. As much as Mike wanted to do it; they were so big and so close to buildings that he couldn't be sure he wouldn't drop them exactly where they needed to fall. 

The tree above was sacrificed for sunshine so that we can plant a veggie garden. 
The tree in the below pic was growing roots all through the weeping bed.

and finally, sadly, there was a beautiful elm growing into the roof on the garage.

We are finished "gutting " the interior. All that remains are the stud walls and the toilet! 
We spend a lot of time here, after all...

When we are tired and dirty and discouraged ( there was mouse poop all through the insulation in the ceilings and a squirrel living under the bathtub ), we reminisce about the best vacation ever.
Wouldn't you love to go punting on the Cammes?

Nothing could be finer on a sunny spring day in Cambridge!

<3 Karen

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  1. Karen ~ you will be in your little cottage before you know it ~ take heart, dream a little and have faith. It's come a long way ;-)