Friday, May 4, 2012

About April

What a CRAZY and exciting month April has been. We moved out of my house and into Mike's house on March 30. That was a Friday. It took all day. With a hired mover. 10 hours. In freezing cold bad weather. Hail, even. We got in the house, made the beds and fell in.  
Saturday was spent putting things away. 
( well, what didn't go out to the garage at the Potlake house - more on that later... ) 
On Sunday morning we left for the UK to visit Haley, who's been teaching in a small town about an hour from London England. 

Here we are arriving at Gatwick Airport...

So happy to see my girl! 
From the airport we took the train north for about an hour. 

Scenes of the English countryside from the window. 

Where Haley lives.

There's lots of row housing. 

and parks, which in the UK we call a garden. Haley calls them bunny fields.( there are a lot of rabbits - just like Beatrix Potter told us all )

More row housing. Also, we couldn't help but notice enough chimneys to keep Bert ( from Mary Poppins ) employed for two lifetimes. 

Traffic as we walk into Huntingdon.  Look right  before crossing the street! 

More people walking and biking than we're used to. Most streets in the shop areas are closed to traffic.

a fist sip of Guinness! 

this is up to day 2 -  stay tuned to see more beautiful England, Ireland, and Scotland to come. 

And while we were away....

The construction began! 

this will be 2 bedrooms in a few more weeks!

I missed ya! 
<3 K 

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