Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Update and a Recipe

Did Anybody have visions of me heading to the drug store this week? 
"No, warming KY is not what I need. Just the regular stuff. Oh, it's not for me - it's for Gladys - er - my really... she's egg bound... her egg is stuck...really...
That's almost as scary as having to perform the first aid. Oiy! 
Happy to report no issues this week. No trips to Shoppers required. Yay! 

I thought I'd let you all in on a little secret. Making yogurt is easy. And you can save money. And there's no preservative or gelatine or fancy equipment required. 

I like it with a little vanilla and honey.

Sometimes I eat it with some homemade granola sprinkled on top. Sometimes with fruit. Blueberries and freshly grated nutmeg with a drizzle of honey is a yummy combination. 

Greek style is my favourite. Its low in fat and high in protein. It's so thick and rich and creamy.
I usually do this on the weekend because although it's easy and doesn't require any attention at all, it does take a while. I start about an hour before I before I go to bed. 
Don't be scared - try it, you'll like it.

Greek Yogurt 
Makes at least 2 cups at about 1/3 the cost. 
Use a candy thermometer to gently heat 1 bag of milk ( just less that 4 1/4 cups ) in a heavy bottom pan to 180 degrees F. 
It will be steaming and foamy but don't let it boil. 
Let it cool, off the heat but in the pan, to 110 degrees F.
Stir in 1/4 cup all natural greek yogurt. I save some from my last batch each week. 
I wrap it in a tea towel and leave it in the oven with the light on overnight - between 6 and 8 hours.
It will look like slightly separated, watery jello.
Line a sieve or colander with a couple of layers of cheesecloth, set it over a bowl and pour in the yogurt.  
Put it back in the oven with the light on to drain the whey off. 
I like it thick so I leave it there for about 2 hours. If you don't like it thick don't drain off as much liquid.
If you're not making greek style, you don't have to drain it, just stir, add fruit and sweetener and enjoy.

This is what the whey looks like- I get about 3 1/2 cups!
I don't know what else its good for but the chickens like it...

OK - so in a nutshell -
heat the milk
cool the milk
add a little leftover yogurt
wait again

<3 Karen

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