Sunday, March 4, 2012

Avian Adventures

We rescued Gladys early last fall from the chicken auction. 
She was destined to become soup, I'm sure. She's "mature". 
Mike to the farmer: " Does she lay?" 
Farmer: "Well... she laid this morning" 
We left $5 lighter and with one little red hen.
Worth every penny - she lays about 5 extra large eggs a week. 
This week she laid  a whopper!  

The egg on the right is considered an extra large egg - about 73 grams. 
The egg on the left is 112 grams!!!
3 inches and wrinkly! 

Poor old girl! 
We think maybe she was egg bound  ( like egg-stipated? )  but being novices are not sure.
I didn't notice her being sluggish or looking uncomfortable. It's so cold and windy that I only go out long enough to bring thawed water, top up the feed and collect eggs.  
According to Back Yard Poultry , it can be deadly so avian first aid  is imperative. "Using KY Petroleum jelly or Vaseline insert your finger in the vent. With your other hand you can press gently on her abdomen moving the egg down the oviduct towards the cloaca."
Oh my!
I'm hoping it doesn't happen again.
Please keep your fingers crossed for me. 
and have a good week!

<3 Karen 


  1. Karen ~ that is one HUGE egg. I think an omelet with that egg would feed a family of four ;-) Let's hope she doesn't do it again. Kind of scary ~ Poor thing

  2. Wow, that's some egg...poor lady...ouch. Hoping, along with you, you won't have to use that first aid treatment on her...for both your sakes. ;)