Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy First Day of Spring!

It isn't warm enough to get outside yet, in fact we're due for what the weather man calls a "wintery mix". Could be rain, sleet, or snow ( I think he's got his bases covered )  but there are signs of spring if you're looking. Robins arrived this week, there are buds on the crab trees in the front yard and little green iris shoots peeking out from the mulch in the garden.
I get the compulsion urge to nest in the spring.
So I stripped the wallpaper in the stairwell and hallway, picked up a new array of paint samples and started to re-grout the shower.
The shower has bugged me since I tiled it last year. I used some premixed, presealed wonder grout. Big mistake. It's horrible, it wasn't easy to use, it curled up and ruffled when it dried. I did my best to clean it up but I"m not satisfied.
So I bought a Dremel and a grout bit and got started. Started being the operative word. The stuff is so tough, that I got 1/4 of the way through ( after about 6 hrs ) and just plain wore out the bit.
I'll be taking a bath this week.
I also enlisted the help of my son to fix up some of the old wiring in the basement. Look what we fond in the the studs. The tops are shakers and each is stamped with a price in blue ink. 13 cents for the poultry seasoning and 43 cents for the nutmeg.

I also kicked off the season by going out thrifting with Vintage Gal. We both found some great stuff!
This table cloth and pastel platter....

this cream planter ( I plan on filling it with a couple of african violets )...

a little pink milk glass vase to add to my collection...

and this vintage cookbook.

Oh and I plan on fixing up this magazine rack with a fresh coat of paint.

It doesn't look to great right now and it's very shiney, but I think it has potential. I'll keep you posted!
See you soon, 


  1. What great finds!!!
    Thank you for popping over and leaving a comment, the book was some work but I am kinda happy the way it turned out :)
    Enjoy your week!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. Great finds! I love the pink milk glass. :-)

  3. Love your treasures Karen ~ it was such fun to spend the day thrifting with you. I'll be posting about my finds soon~ ;-)

  4. Pink milk glass? lovely and I also like your score with the blue platter!

  5. Hi, sent here from your friend, Vintage Gal. How fun to thrift with friends. You found some petty treasures. I have been wanting a good recipe for rice pudding; I'll have to try yours. And, that sweater you made is just gorgeous. You did a wonderful job. Keep creating. My daughter is teaching herself to crochet and maybe knit.
    Have a great week.
    ~ Julie

  6. Hey: Waiting impatiently for an update! It looks like summer is about to happen here. The flowers need deadheading, weeds need pulling, but the lettuce is sweet and abundant and the herbs fragrant and delicious. Hope your garden is the same (except for the determined weeds).