Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'ts cold and snowy and grey, but there's still beauty in the garden...

 and out on a winter walk at Point Pelee Provincial Park. Past the picnic area,

down a trail,

to the water's edge. Brrr...

And then, Mother Nature surprises with a burst of colour...

Oh, and the Peacock that visited Vintage Gal last week came back to the neighborhood. What a surprise to look out the window expecting the same serene, snow covered scene, to see this rather large creature roamng around.

I love the snow. The way it makes everything clean and bright. The way sound softens. How good a hot cup of tea tastes after a long walk outside. 

What do you like most about Winter?


  1. Karen ~ absolutely fabulous pictures. You never know what mother nature has in store for us, whether it be serene white or a burst of colour. Even the peacock is lovely! ((Hugs)) Marianne

  2. A peacock would be the last creature I would expect out in the garden - how odd! Thank you for the kind compliment on my blog. It's always fun to hear from other thrifty friends!

  3. Beautiful photos!!
    I have to say you live in the best place in Canada!
    Essex county is lovely!!!
    My dear sweet elderly neighbour moved to Kingsville about 5yrs ago to be with her daughter and I came to visit her and fell in love with your area!
    Needless to say we moved to Vancouver Island but I would rather have moved to where you are!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Pamela xo