Saturday, January 22, 2011

Button Love

I'm a button freak. I love vintage porcelain and abalone buttons. They're all over the house.
I have some framed, like these gorgeous calico petticoat treasures.

I have some in jars on the windowsill...

some in a wood bowl...

and some in a ceramic bowl...

and some have found they're way into this pink milk glass pedestal dish along with a string of pearls.
mmmmm pink milk glass ( but more on that another day ).

isn't this a shame? I'm going to have find a prettier home for the rest.

Once while out on a treasure hunt with my young daughter, we came across a display where the vender was asking about 10 cents each for some sweet little pearl buttons. She proudly exclaimed that if we sold all our buttons we'd be millionaires.
"But then we would have them any more!" I said. :-)

Tell me, do you have a special collection that you wouldn't part with, even for a million dollars?  


  1. I love buttons too hence the name of my blog!
    You have quite the collection..beautiful!
    I just bought a bunch of antique buttons on Wednesday and it made my day!
    THere are so many wonderful crafts that can be made with buttons.
    Pamela :)

  2. Definitely a button collection! I have them in glass jars and in a wooden box. We have an antique button collector in town who has upwards of 30,000 buttons and she sometimes sells them (for way too much!) .....and I buy them anyway! I can't help it. I love them!

  3. I think I am starting to grow a collection of odd old mugs. I have much more than just one student should have...

  4. Love your pix and your words, especially your enthusiasm for the romantic and sensuous side of life (creamy vanilla pudding; homemade soap; pink cherub; buttons-buttons-buttons and antique baby clothes -- can't you just smell a baby's sweet breath?). Something in your light-hearted rhythm reminds me of the young Julia (quirky in the nicest way!).