Monday, December 12, 2011

In the Mail

I grew up in a town that had no door to door mail delivery. Each day ( before any of us had begun kindergarten ) my mother walked us 3 kids up to the post office to pick up our mail. It was a big adventure. We ran along pretending to use the key to open imaginary doors in hydro poles, trash cans, and flower pots all along the way. Inside the post office, rows and rows of shiny silver doors with hundreds of little locks filled up 3 whole walls. Imagine three little kids bouncing around, arms waving,  shrieking " It's my turn to open it! I want to use the key!"  I was filled with anticipation that today would be the day just one piece of mail would be addressed to me!  Although it rarely happened, my enthusiasm never dampened. 
Now, I've gotten used to finding mostly bills, bank statements, and flyers.  
But this week! I picked up lots of special deliveries...  

Air mail from the U.K.!

Christmas wishes from Haley ( she started her own big adventure in September ). 

I miss her...

And then the fabric I ordered arrived. 
Pretty cotton voile, crisp linen and cozy wool.

And again! 
All the way from Japan...

Just look at the special attention to packaging! 

Pattern books. Even though I'm not surprised I'm no less thrilled. 
 Woo Hoo! It's Christmas early!

I read pattern books and cook books like fiction...

I'll be sewing dresses,

and blouses,

 and dresses,

and tops, 

and more dresses.

I love the vintage styling of this one, 

and this one

How pretty! 

Not your ordinary, everyday, old mail...
bye for now - I've got work to do!

<3 K 

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  1. Karen ~ that's where you've been ~ reading all your wonderful mail. Hey, tea and a biscuit? and a peruse of your wonderful mail ?

    Love you ;-)