Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Girls

I may have started collecting chickens...
We went back to the chicken auction and I came home with 2 gorgeous Arucaunas. 
They'll lay blue/green eggs! Who could resist that? 
Meet Esther. She's shy so it was difficult to get a shot that wasn't blurry. 

And this is Goldie. Mike named her. ( after himself )
Chickens are kind of like sheep in that they stick together. They move around the yard as a group, always within a couple of feet of each other, doing their own thing.
Except Goldie.

She hangs around Mike. 
We thought it was cute the first couple of days, but expected that it would end once she got used to her new digs.  She didn't give a hoot where the other girls were. Just Mike. For two days, she didn't stray more that 3 feet from Mike. She tried to adopt Mr Vintage too.
I came home from work one day this very week and saw Mike running around the back yard in circles and this chicken running around after him.  "yup, she's following me!"
Insurance broker / chicken whisperer. 

She's much friendlier than she looks.
I'll let you know when I get coloured eggs.

<3 Karen

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  1. Goldie is sweet. She loves to be around people. She a people chicken ;-)