Sunday, April 3, 2011

Signs of Spring and Mexican Sweet Rolls

Yay! The crocus are blooming!

And can you tell what this peeking out through the leaf mulch?
Yep, it's rhubarb!
I translplanted it last fall and gave it a good feeding of compost. I'm so excited to see so many shoots.
Just think of the pies, crumbles and cakes... :-)

When we were in Mexico they had these buns at breakfast. The first morning I went back for a second - you never know - I may not have had another opportunity.
Well, it turned out that they had them every morning. And I ate one every morning. Sweet and light with a hint of cinnamon. De Lish. I took pictures of them because they were so amazing. Our last morning, I even considered stuffing my purse for the trip home.

So today it was cold and rainy - a perfect day for baking.
I found this recipe.
I used less flour( only about 3.5 cups ), put all the ingredients in the bread machine - yeast last - and used the dough setting. 
They aren't as pretty as the buns in Mexico and next time I'll make 16 instead of 12 cause they're kind of big, but they taste just like I remembered. Mmmm Mmm yummy.

I don't know how I could ever get by without bread. 

You need to make some of these rolls.
Really. They'll make you happy.
<3 Karen


  1. Hi Karen, I'll have to try this recipe! They look delicious! Enjoy your spring blooms.
    ~ Julie

  2. They do look light and tasty! Good for you.... tracking down the recipe AND making them!! :-)

  3. Karen ~ just tried the roll you gave me ~ all I can say is YUM,YUM, YUM ~ I am definintely going to make these. Aren't you excieted about the crocus? ;-)

  4. Wow your rhubarb already does better than mine...I have for 2 year successfully killed it during the growing season...too much water? or too little water..I have done both!

  5. These look delicious! I'll have to give them a try. Thank you for pointing me towards the recipe. :)