Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hello there!
This is my first post on my first blog. I'm inexperienced but enthusiastic and welcome any advice anyone can offer. Most of my life I was a stay at home wife and mother. I am now pretty much on my own and working full time in an office about a 45 minute commute away. Somehow I've managed to get caught up in the speed of life and have stopped doing all those things that I used to love spending my days doing. Quilting, sewing, baking, knitting: the simple pleasure of making a house a home. I decided to gather up some unfinished projects that have been put away for too long and have committed to complete them. I have four quilt tops that need batting and backing ( plus one that's already pinned and half quilted ) and a knitted vest. I ordered patterns on-line to sew a few skirts for spring and already have the wool needed to make a little cabled capelet for my daughter Haley.
So, this afternoon I'll be curled up in a cozy chair knitting and one evening this week will be spent finishing up some potholders. I scavenged some quilt blocks from a project that I'll never complete because the directions are way too complicated and wasted too much fabric.

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  1. Boy can I relate to that! Life just takes over and there goes all the time that we used to have for the niceties! I love to sew and quilt and am trying to knit and crochet but the only available time is between 10pm and 1 am! Here is working towards getting our day time hours back for relaxing! Cheers